The Solar Professionals team: Who we are

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Mark Swift

Mark Swift is a passionate solar advocate who started his journey by moving to Florida from Canada and installing a solar system on his own home. After experiencing the process and the benefits of going solar, he knew there was a better way. Mark attempted to work with several solar companies before establishing The Solar Professionals, but nothing fit just right.

They were either too aggressive, too tricky, or not customer-focused enough to really match Mark's commitment to the customers he works with.

Mark has a deep IT background and nearly 20 years of classroom experience. His consultative style was developed through countless hours presenting information to adults all over the world and his work in the state of Florida has only just begun.

There are millions of homeowners who can benefit from solar energy - if they could only find a compassionate, honest, caring person to work with. You have found that person in Mark Swift!

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Phil Kline

My extensive background in construction allows me to pass that knowledge to my customers. If the roof needs attention before installation, I am the person that will provide that information. If there is an issue with your breaker panel, I will recognize it. I am here to help you make the right decision for your home, so that you can buy with confidence.

My solar journey started in 2017 when I had a solar salesman come to my home to sell me a system. What he didn't know was that I was looking for a reason to say no. My mind had already been made up. I didn't believe solar was affordable. I didn't even really believe that it worked. I thought that solar was just something that hippies bought to virtue signal. He came out and really opened my eyes to what solar was capable of. I didn't buy then but I did later. I was so impressed with the performance of my system that I was telling everyone about solar. It was then I started hearing horror stories of people that had terrible experiences with solar, which I couldn't believe it. So I started doing research. I realized that the old adage: "You get what you pay for" really applied when it came to solar. And then I realized that the people selling solar in Florida weren't always keeping the customer's best interests in mind. This thought brought me to become one of the Solar Professionals: The best way to help people make the right decisions on their solar solution was to build systems that were 100% American made, with a warranty that lasts long after the system is paid for, and above all, be honest and put the customer first.


Terica Nataye

I have more than 10 years experience working with people from every walk of life. My passion is to add value to every interaction that I have and to truly hear the voice, needs, and tone of each interaction. I care about your well being and have dedicated myself to helping as many people go solar as possible.